Thanks to the symbolic generation of the equations of motion, Robotran is a very flexible and portable tool which has proven to be very beneficial for industrial applications, e.g. by providing a “turnkey” model in Matlab/Simulink that can then be interfaced in a larger computation analysis.

Multibody dynamics is more and more used in industrial developments for which dynamic performances of a product cannot be disregarded, or even are part of the specifications themselves, e.g. maximum critical speed of a railway vehicle, automotive suspension damping performances, machine tool precision, etc. Using a computer program to model and solve the problem is important but the most crucial phase relates to the problem specification itself, namely: understanding of the system, (re-)formulation with the industrial partner of the problem, formulation of valid and realistic hypotheses for the subsequent model, selection of results and pertinence of the latter with respect to the original problem. This collaborative phase is a crucial step for the industrial partner, for which our expertise in the field of multibody modeling is a real added-value to implement a good methodology and to meet the industrial need in an optimal way.

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