Model Examples

A five-point suspension from Mercedes

This example is about the dynamic behavior of the five-point suspension developed originally by Mercedes. Features used in this example are the coordinate partitioning, the direct dynamics, and the modal analysis of a five-point suspension mounted on a chassis fixed in a quasi-static equilibrium configuration. This system contains 1 degree of freedom, 4 loops, 1 link and a wheel model.

A delta robot (parallel arm robot)

The role of the Delta robots is to move at high speeds and perform repetitive tasks quickly and persistently, specially pick-and-place tasks. Its geometry and its behaviour allows the user to deal with Robotran concepts as closed-loop kinematics, driven joints, inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics.

Photo credits: HumanroboWikimediaCC BY-SA 3.0

A spring-mass system attached to a pendulum

This project consists of an oscillating slider attached with a spring to a simple pendulum. The simulation, based on the direct dynamics, performs a time integration for the given initial positions and velocities. This simple system becomes more and more complex afterwards in order to introduce the user to Robotran features such as closed-loop kinematics, external forces, driven variables and algebraic constraints.

The description of the step by step modeling is available in the Tutorial.