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Picture of Sébastien Timmermans

Ir. at UCLouvain in 2017, Sébastien Timmermans has finished his Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Prof. Fisette in 2021 about the development of a haptic feedback device for digital keyboards based on real-time multibody models of piano actions.

Sébastien Timmermans was a FRIA Grant Holder of the Fonds de la Recherche scientifique-FNRS, Belgium. Furthermore, his project is in Collaboration with the MIM at Brussel and Prof. Anne-Emmanuelle Ceulemans of UCLouvain.

Sébastien helps for the development of Robotran mainly through the C and Python codes. Besides, he contributed to the dynamic lab and the ROS-Robotran interaction. Finally, he took part of several pedagogical projects. He currently works at Quandyga Engineering, the industry-oriented Spin-off for multibody applications with Robotran.