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Humanoid robot simulator for controller design

Abstract :
This study aims at developing efficient humanoid robot controllers for locomotion. The originality of the work stayed in the two-step development of the research. First, simulation helped at designing efficient controllers. Those latter were afterwards implemented to the real hardware.

Keywords : COMAN robot; Locomotion; Control; Simulation

The design of humanoid robot controllers is a complex task, which is difficult to directly perform on such robots for several reasons:

For all these reasons, the design of these robot controllers can benefit from being first performed in simulation, with the purpose to port them later to the real hardware.

Very fast simulators of humanoid robots were implemented taking advantage of the symbolic approach of Robotran. Thanks to the simulators, controllers were designed to obtain bio-inspired locomotion and gaze stabilization algorithms on different humanoid robots. For instance, regarding the design of the bio-inspired gaits, the related controllers recruited many unknown parameters, which were tuned during extensive optimization processes using the Robotran simulator.

Coman Steering
Legend : Starting from a straight locomotion, the COMAN robot adapts its gait to acheive left turning
Picture of the Real COMAN
Picture of it its model in Robotran
The bio-inspired locomotion controller of COMAN recruits many unknown parameters. These parameters are optimized over successive generations in the Robotran simulator using a Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
The COMAN walking controller is first designed and optimized in a 2D simulation environment (i.e. with lateral support) in Robotran. The exact same controller is then ported to the real platform without further parameters modification

More information about locomotion control for humanoid robots on the homepage of Nicolas Van der Noot.

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Git repository of the simulator of the COMAN humanoid robot:

Main authors :

Nicolas Van der Noot, Timothée Habra

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Simulators were developped within the frame of the EU research project WALK-MAN (