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Nicolas Docquier picture

Mechanical engineer (2005) and PhD (2010) from UCLouvain, Nicolas is specialized in modelling of mechanical systems, especially for railways. During his thesis and the following years, he focused on coupling multibody models with other disciplines such as pneumatics and hydraulics. After a postdoctoral stay in Montpellier (France) where he developed a unified modelling approach to couple dynamics of multibody, he came back to Belgium as a senior researcher. Since that time, he has worked on modelling and experimental testing of railway infrastructures, conducting laboratory tests on a full-scale rail track.

Nicolas has animated and coordinated the researchers that develop ROBOTRAN. He is also invited lecturer at UCLouvain, in charge of teaching multibody modelling via a project-based approach, and co-founder and manager of Quandyga Engineering, an UCLouvain spin-off company that offers services related to multibody dynamics.