Getting Started

You want to learn how to use Robotran? The following tutorial will explain you how to use the main modelling features of Robotran by building step by step a simple mechanisms and performing a direct dynamics analysis. The tutorial is available for the following languages. Just click the logo to access:








Equilibrium and Modal Analysis

A detailed tutorial for learning how to use the EQUIL and MODAL module is available for C/C++.



Real-time features for C/C++

The MBsysC modules enable real-time simulations of multi-body systems with real-time plots and 3D animation. See this tutorial for more info .


MBsysLab for Simulink

Robotran C code can be embedded in Simulink S-Function. This functionality is now integrated to MBsysC. See MBsysC tutorials to learn how to build Robotran model in C/C++. S-function examples are available in MBsysC/mbs_interface/mbs_simulink directory.

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