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Which features does Robotran provide ?

Robotran is designed on the basis of different modules including

  1. Model loading : Loading of the model data from the xml description file (.mbs) to a dedicated structure
  2. Direct dynamics : Time integration of the system direct dynamics.
  3. Inverse dynamics : Computation of the system inverse dynamics.
  4. Equilibrium : Computation of the system equilibrium.
  5. Modal analysis : Computation of the system eigenmodes.
  6. Direct Kinematics : Computation of the direct kinematics of a kinematic chain.
  7. Inverse kinematics : Computation of loop kinematics and of the system inverse kinematics (not yet available for MBsysC).
  8. Coordinate partitioning : Partitioning of the generalized coordinates into independent and dependent variables (for constrained multibody systems only).

Some modules might be not available according to the used language. For more details, check the appropriate documentation.