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MBsysPad is the graphical editor of Robotran. It also contains numerical environment for Matlab and C that can be installed directly from MBsysPad. See how to install tutorial for details.

How to use

See the how to install tutorial:

To learn how to use MBsysPad, follow the PendulumSpring tutorial available here.



Depreciated : PyRobotran (Do not use ! )

PyRobotran is a Python package for performing MBS analysis with Robotran using Python rather than Matlab or C/C++. In order to use it, you have to download the package and install it.

Direct links

Zip archive for any platform
Win32 installer PyRobotran-0.5.1.win32.exe
Win64 installer

For any platform

  • Download
  • Unzip the archive
  • In the command window, browse to the PyRobotran folder and type python install

For windows platforms only

  • Download the exe file corresponding to you python installation (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Run the exe file. It should detect the available python installation and ask you for which you want to install PyRobotran

Workspace templates

Workspace templates define the folder structure of a new project and determine which files are copied automatically to the project folder at project creation. In this way, pre-written files are available for user function (userfctR subfolder) and main function (dataR subfolder). Python specific templates were defined and can be installed as follows:

This will add two new "Workspace type" when creating a new project in MBsysPad:

  • PythonTemplate: This template defines a project folder with python template files for performing a direct dynamics analysis
  • PythonTestTemplate: This option is usefull if you wan’t to use PyRobotran after having used MBsysLab (Matlab). This will install all required files for performing a simulation in Python and in Matlab. You can compare the python solution and the matlab solution by running the PyMa file.



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