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Our new website is out !

Robotan makes a new beginning and is proud to introduce you to its new website !

The whole Robotran staff has worked hard to offer you this relooked website. Everything has been thought to be as clear as possible about Robotran.

New to Robotran ? Find all the information on the main page, in the features and on the “Download” page.

Want to know what Robotran is designed for ? Check all the past and current projects including Robotran, directly accessible via the main page or check the “Applications” page to view projects already sorted following the application fields.

Looking for the Robotran theory and documentation ? Check the “Docs” page where tutorials, theoretical concepts and dedicated documentation are available.

Looking for help or cooperation ? Please look at our “Support” page to access the forum or have any information about how industrial or academic cooperation is available.

Want to know more about us ? Check who we are in the “About” page and what we are currently working on in the News !

Don’t know what you are doing here ? Just take your time to visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Enjoy !