Download Robotran - MBsysPad

MBsysPad is the graphical editor of Robotran. It also contains numerical environment for Matlab and C that can be installed directly from MBsysPad. See how to install tutorial for details.

Windows platforms

Download the Robotran installer for Windows.


Download the archive at this link and run the script


Download the archive at this link and run the file start_MBsysPad.command.

Starting with Java Web Start

MBsysPad can be started directly using button below. Symbolic generation may not be possible with last java updates. If Java is not installed on your computer, please go to

For Windows an d Linux platforms:               For Mac platforms:

LAUNCH            LAUNCH

How to use

See the how to install tutorial:

To learn how to use MBsysPad, follow the PendulumSpring tutorial available here.

Why a specific version for MacOS ?

Robotran uses Java3D for the 3D views. Java3D 1.5 does not work on MacOS anymore. If you want to use Robotran on MacOS with 3D views, you must try the specific link which uses Java3D 1.6 (still experimental).

Download PyRobotran

PyRobotran is a Python package for performing MBS analysis with Robotran. In order to use it, you have to download the package and install it.

Direct links

Zip archive for any platform
Win32 installer PyRobotran-0.5.1.win32.exe
Win64 installer

For any platform

  • Download
  • Unzip the archive
  • In the command window, browse to the PyRobotran folder and type python install

For windows platforms only

  • Download the exe file corresponding to you python installation (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Run the exe file. It should detect the available python installation and ask you for which you want to install PyRobotran

Workspace templates

Workspace templates define the folder structure of a new project and determine which files are copied automatically to the project folder at project creation. In this way, pre-written files are available for user function (userfctR subfolder) and main function (dataR subfolder). Python specific templates were defined and can be installed as follows:

This will add two new "Workspace type" when creating a new project in MBsysPad:

  • PythonTemplate: This template defines a project folder with python template files for performing a direct dynamics analysis
  • PythonTestTemplate: This option is usefull if you wan’t to use PyRobotran after having used MBsysLab (Matlab). This will install all required files for performing a simulation in Python and in Matlab. You can compare the python solution and the matlab solution by running the PyMa file.



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