The Robotran symbolic approach makes it a very suitable tool for teachin multibody dynamics. With Robotran, students can deal with complex applications while keeping the hand on their analyse.

 If you are interested on how Robotran in the Mechanical engineer cursus at UCL, please read the following publications:

[1] P. Fisette and J.-C. Samin Engineering Education in Multibody Dynamics. Computational Methods in Applied Sciences Series, Eds

[2] J.C. Garcia Orden, J.M. Goicolea and J. Cuadrado, Springer, Dordrecht, 2007, Vol. 4, pp. 159-178, ISBN:1-4020-5683-4, 2007.



Following are some of the projects that we developed with our students:

Pistorius (2013)

This project aims at analyzing, using two different Multibody models and experimental data, the possible advantage of Oscar Pistorius at the Olympic Games.



Dynamical analysis of a 3 wheels urban vehicle (2013)

This project consisted on designing and simulating a 3 wheels urban vehicle adapted to urban environments. 



Electronic stability control (2012)

This project consisted in the simulation of a vehicle with Electronic stability control (ESP).  The objective was to analyze how ESP works and what are its limitations. 



Mars Rover (2011)

This project consisted in the simulation of Mars Rover.  The objective was to achieve to complete a given trajectory .



Previous models

Aeroplane Problem

Through the years we have developed projects in many different domains. Those are some examples we developed before with our students.  



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